Ryan: Trump Could Have The ‘Most Productive’ Presidency In Our Lifetime


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House Speaker Paul Ryan told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that this could be the “most productive presidency and Congress in our lifetime” if they follow through on their campaign promises.

Ryan said he believes that President Donald Trump is “doing fine” in regards to his job performance.

He continued his compliments by declining to give a direct letter grade to Trump, but stated that “we have an opportunity in front of us. We’re making good progress on these things. We campaigned on doing serious things with this president.”

“It’s going to take us time to do those things. But we get this done, this will be the most productive presidency and Congress in our lifetime.”

It seems like many of Trump’s supporters have been singing their praises recently.

In April, Sean Spicer said that Trump has “worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any president since Truman.” In the first 100 days of Truman’s first full term, he signed 55 bills. Trump signed 28 bills, the highest count since Truman.

These laws, however, are not very significant, according to Politifact. For example, three of the bills were dedicated toward appointing individuals to the Smithsonian Institution board, two named buildings, and one designated a location for a National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. The more notable of the 28, were a set of 13 bills that reverse Obama-era regulations, which revolved around internet privacy and gun control.

In comparison, President Barack Obama signed 14 in his first 100 days as president; however, these were more substantial in that it included the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the $800 billion stimulus package.