Study: Media Calls Obamacare ‘Reform’ But Not GOP Bill

REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

According to a recent study, broadcast news networks disproportionately referred to the Affordable Care Act as health care “reform” when compared to the GOP health bill.

An analysis by the Media Research Center shows that ABC, CBS, and NBC touted Obamacare as a “reform” more than 11 times as often as they did the GOP health care bill.

From the time the Senate GOP plan was introduced on March 6 until June 27, the day the first vote was set to be held, the evening shows only referred to the bill as a “reform” plan 30 times.

Meanwhile, during the same amount of time in 2009, the same networks referred to Obamacare as a “reform” 344 times. That’s more than 11 times as much as the GOP bill.

“CBS Evening News” was the worst offender, using “reform” in relation to Obamacare 132 times but in relation to the GOP bill only 6 times–22 times as often.

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