Britt McHenry Enjoys Comparison To Fictional Murderous Dictator

Emilia Clarke (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube GameOfThrones)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Britt McHenry really enjoyed recently being compared to a murderous dictator from “Game of Thrones.”

“Just got asked if I was Daenerys at the @GameOfThrones pop up. Day made. Comic con next #Khaleesi #yesIdressedup,” the laid off ESPN reporter tweeted late Wednesday night.

She also posted a photo on Instagram of herself dressed up as the Daenerys Targaryen seeming very happy with herself as the infamous “Game of Thrones” character.

“Where are my dragons?!? Shoutout to the girl who took a picture and thought I worked here lol #gameofthrones #khaleesi #ironthrone,” McHenry wrote on the photo.

For those who are unaware Daenerys is one of the main characters in the books and hit television show. She rules with an iron fist as she attempts to take control of the Iron Throne, and she has never been afraid to slaughter her enemies.

Here are a few times she obliterated those who crossed her.

Embracing the comparison to a character who leaves a path of death and destruction behind wherever she goes is such a bold move I almost have to respect it. I don’t even have much that I can criticize here because I borderline love the move. Is it possible that Game of Thrones could serve as the catalyst for a détente between McHenry and myself? Wild times we’re living in.

*Disclaimer: I also love Daenerys and the actress who plays her Emilia Clarke is a generational acting talent.

***Some of my co-workers have taken issue with my description of Daenerys. They have instead suggested describing her as a “benevolent dictator.”

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