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FNC’s Sean Hannity Wallops NBC’s Chuck Todd For Being ‘Full Of Himself’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Fox News host Sean Hannity, who heads up President Trump’s fan clubis coming down hard on”Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd. He advised him to be more like his dead predecessor Tim Russert.

Hannity’s incredibly personal attack on Todd came late Wednesday night on Twitter.






Guardian of Amazon had a pointed response for Hannity:

“So any news outlet you don’t agree w/ should be shutdown & journalists you don’t agree with are hacks? Unsolicited advice – eat. my. ass.”

The Stupidity Police defended Todd with a question: “Can you construct a logical argument without calling people names?

Rep. Eliza Turing (D-Vt.) jumped into the fray, saying to Hannity, “Trumpty Dumpty gets huffy with another ‘tapes’ bonus.”

Lately Hannity has been firing off nasty tweets to MSNBC newly engaged couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski (a.k.a. JIKA). In one case, he said Scarborough had tried to get a job with Fox news. He also mocked their ratings and questioned their sanity, citing their “emotional meltdown” about President Trump.

Scarborough has occasionally returned the fire.