MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Lost Because Obama Is Black [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC contributor Wendy Sherman believes that Hillary Clinton may have lost the election because it was too hard for America to elect the first female president directly after the first black president.

Sherman was on a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival discussing modern political technology when she segued into the bizarre comment.

“President Obama’s major mode of communication was the traditional one,” she said. “Big speeches, some of which were powerful and brilliant.”

“And I hesitate to say, but I think it’s critical, looking out at our audience, looking out at most of us — that there is no doubt that we just had eight years of an African American president is not a factor in all that we are experiencing today,” Sherman commented.

“When we make social change, when we make a decision to do something we have never done before, we then take two steps backward, at least. And I believe in my bones…that it was pretty hard to elect a woman after we elected the first African America president.”


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