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Donny Deustch’s CRAZY A** Rant Against Trump On ‘Morning Joe’ Is Everything


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In the pre-game show leading up to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski‘s appearance on “Morning Joe” at 7 a.m., the show’s regular Donny Deutsch came out swinging Friday just after the crack of dawn.

And I mean almost literally swinging.

In essence, when President Trump goes low, “Morning Joe’s” Deutsch goes lower.

The whole performance came in reaction to Trump’s vicious tweets against Mika this week.

Keep in mind, Joe and Mika — but particularly Mika —  have been berating Trump for months, calling him mentally ill and worse in every way she knows possible.

First, the whole Deutsch thing was weird, especially considering how Joe and Mika have treated Donny on air over the years, openly ridiculing him for being him, mocking everything he has to say. Second, Deutsch came on the show wearing dark sunglasses. As emcee Willie Geist made fun of him a little — as they typically do on the show — Donny sort of non-explained why he had donned the shades, saying he was sensitive about it. Then he seemed to say — f–k it, they’re coming off.

With incredibly high drama, he removed the shades.

Then he let Trump have it with both barrels.

“First of all, he picked the wrong schoolyard to come into, I have to tell you this,” he said. “I’m not an employee of NBC so I have to go thug here. She’s a great mom. And he’s a vulgar pig. …He’s physically disgusting to look at. That’s what I find ironic. …Beyond the fact that he’s obviously not well — obvious misgynism, the obvious vulgarity, the obvious stupidity– he’s disgusting to look at. Enough is enough with this disgusting vulgar man. To talk about women that way? You physically look like you do? …You’re a pig. You are a bully and you are doing disgusting things to this country. …Maybe it’s time that we all stop tippy-toeing.”

Deutsch concluded with this: “I’m sorry I probably won’t be on the show again.”

Geist put a period on Deutsch’s rant, saying, “Put the shades back on.”