Even Salon Says That ‘Fainting’ Over All Of Trump’s Tweets Has To Stop

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Salon reporter Chauncey Devega wrote Friday that the “Resistance” movement needs to stop “fainting” in shock every time President Donald Trump tweets, as this “should not surprise anyone.”

Devega said that, while Trump’s derogatory remarks about TV host Mika Brzezinski are to be expected, the Trump resistance must try to counteract sexism from the White House.

“It is long past time for those other Americans who voted against Trump by the millions to stop acting surprised or shocked by a boorish man who trolls the world on Twitter,” Devega said. “They must resist Trump’s regime every day in ways both small and large.”

Devega added that the American people must stop “falling to the metaphorical fainting couch” every time that Trump tweets something seemingly offensive.

“This miscalculation (and denial of reality) still informs how the media remains largely unable to understand Trump’s almost cult-like control over his supporters in White America,” Devega said.

Salon declared a “Trump-Free Day” Tuesday, refusing to publish his name or picture.

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