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HIGH DRAMA: ‘Morning Joe’ Regulars Address THE TWEETS


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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MSNBC “Morning Joe” son Willie Geist came out with an earnest opening on Friday’s program to address the nasty tweets President Trump recently fired at Mika Brzezinski.

“Mika is smart and strong. She makes people in power uncomfortable and she fears absolutely no one,” he said. “You’ll be reminded of that at the top of the hour.”

BBC’s Katty Kay, in her clipped, serious British accent, remarked, “It’s really hard to see this as anything but sexist and vicious. He did it in a way that was bullying and vindictive. …It’s very hard to conclude anything else. It shows us an awful lot about his temperament.”

Mika’s co-host and fiancée Joe Scarborough wasn’t there yet to muzzle him. So brand expert Donny Deutsch went absolutely apeshit.

“He picked the wrong schoolyard to come into,” he said, whipping off his dark sunglasses after being all cagey about why he had them on in the first place. “She’s a good woman. She’s a mom. And he’s a pig. He’s physically disgusting to look at. Beyond the fact that he’s obviousy not well — misogynst, vulgarity — he’s digesting to look at. Enough is enough with this disgusting, vulgar man. To talk about women that way? You physically look like you do…you’re a pig, a bully and you look disgusting …maybe it’s time we stop tippy toeing. He’s vulgar to look at. …I’m sorry, I probably won’t come on this show again.”

Elise Jordan, a former aide to the George W. Bush White House, tried to stop Deutsch’s ugly rant but couldn’t. When she could finally speak after Deutsch vomited up all his thoughts, she said, “I was just absolutely horrified, stunned,” she said. “If she’s [Mika] gotten work, I want to know who her plastic surgeon is because there was no sign whatsoever and I want his number.”

Ex-Rep. Harold Ford Jr. gave Donny an easy pass on his rant: “I thought you were right. You were justified in your reaction. Child-like. Reprehensible. We have to wonder what we have become as a nation if his supporters don’t condemn this, if he’s allowed to get away with this. I thought Donny’s physical reaction was more than justified this morning.”

Random House Executive VP Jon Meacham, who acts a historian for the show, provided sober analysis of Trump’s tweets, which was hysterically funny:

“You would think Morning Joe was a sovereign power that was a threat to the interests of the United States … are we on a watch list? How does this work? He fears people who are intelligent and who don’t approve of what he’s doing. Mika Brezezinski is one of the most fearless women I’ve ever encountered and he’s one of the more fearful men I can think of in our public life. Bullies are insecure. So he punches when he feels cornered. …I think that has important public implications. If he is this fundamentally insecure that he would violate what was one of the few norms for him to violate [laughter on set]… [this] is a worrisome thing. His supporters? No, they won’t condemn it. They’ll see this network as part of the problem.”

Meacham called Trump a small man who has not been made larger by the office. (P.S.: Look for Trump to address the size of Meacham’s genitals at a later date.)

Willie said Joe and Mika would come on air soon to address the national debacle.