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MSNBC’s Willie Geist Calls Out Politico Writer’s Chest Hair

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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When the cat and dog are away, the mouse will play.

MSNBC host Willie Geist, taking the driver’s seat today while TV couple Joe Scabrough and Mika Brzezinski are vacationing and recovering from the harrowing ordeal of dealing with President Trump‘s nasty tweets, cracked on Politico Playbook writer Jake Sherman Monday morning for his chest hair, which peeked out from his white button-down shirt on “Morning Joe.”

The moment came after Sherman joked about going on a concert tour with HuffPost writer Sam Stein. In the D.C. bubble, Sherman is a well-known fan of the band Phish.

GEIST: We reported our last hour the idea that the White House is now supportive of repeal now, replace later. Senator Sass of Nebraska said yesterday morning on one show, well, we can repeal it with a delay so it would still be in place for a year while we come up with the replacement. Is that effective? Is that going to happen? Is that even possible?

SHERMAN: Yeah, I’m supportive of Sam and I going on a worldwide Rock n’ Roll tour. That’s also not going to happen.

GEIST: Jake, with that chest hair, you’d sell out arenas.

[Sounds of collective laughter on set…Ooohh Ooohhh Ooohh.]

SHERMAN: What? It was only time before somebody said it on TV.

But this isn’t the first time Sherman’s exposed chest hair has garnered attention.

In July of 2016, Sherman displayed a similar thatch of chest hair on “Morning Joe” in what looks to be the exact same apparel.