Report: One Of The Nation’s Top Steakhouses Shows That Trump’s Steak Habits Are Abnormal

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President Donald Trump famously likes his steak prepared well done, but only 11.7 percent of patrons of one of the nation’s largest steakhouses share his tastes, according to an analysis published Monday.

Statistics site 538 analyzed numbers reported from national steak chain Longhorn Steakhouse, and discovered that only 11.7 percent of all patrons order their steak well done, just like the president.

The cuts of meat most likely to be ordered well done, according to the survey, were the t-bone, followed closely by sirloin steak.

“There are few things as regrettable as a steak well done. Cooking meat to the point of leathery toughness dulls the flavor, among many other things,” The Washington Post wrote in March 2016. “And yet, for Donald Trump, the opinion of world renowned gourmands is not enough.”

Food website also asserted that Trump’s ordering preferences reveal a fundamental flaw in who he is as a person, according to writer Helen Rosner’s February 2017 op-ed.

“Adults who won’t eat pink-hearted steaks might lean on any number of reasons for their position, but almost always it comes down to an aversion to risk, which is at its core an unwillingness to trust the validity and goodwill of any experiences beyond the limited sphere of one’s own,” Rosner said.

Democratic author Jason Kuznicki came to Trump’s defense, asserting in a series of tweets that Trump’s insistence on a well-done steak is actually a great way to easily get an idea of the quality of the chefs at a restaurant, due to the dish’s high difficulty to prepare correctly.

Medium-well was more popular in the survey, with 25.8 percent of all steak eaters preferring a slightly pink center to their beef. Thirty-seven percent of all orders over the last two years were medium, the most popular steak temperature.

Longhorn Steakhouse shared the data of the past year, across each of its 491 locations nationwide. The chain uses a computer-based ordering system across all of its locations, making it easy to compile data on ordering trends.

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