Celebrate America’s Independence With Its Finest Travel Destinations [SLIDESHOW]

REUTERS/Charles Platiau

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Celebrate the United States of America’s 241 years of independence from United Kingdom with photographs of some of the nation’s finest national parks, natural beauty, and cityscapes.

Americans don’t even need a passport to see a dramatic change in environment and culture. In what other country can you find humbling glaciers, red rock canyons, golden beaches, and everything in between? I bet the Brits wish they didn’t lose the colonies.

National Geographic rates the Grand Canyon in Arizona as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. There are currently over 400 national parks in the United States while there’s only 15 national parks in the United Kingdom spread across England, Scotland, and Wales.

The United States has developed beautiful and diverse cities since the colonial days. From New York City to Seattle, cities across America have become major international tourist destinations.

Enjoy the finest views the United States has to offer this Independence Day. It’s hard to believe they’re all in the same country!