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Morning Mirror: The 4th Of July Edition

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“We are part of the story whether we want to be or not, and that’s a fact we have to face. …You can’t sit back and say I’m not a part of it. He’s making us a part of it. …The American public is frustrated with us for not stepping up and holding him accountable for that moral failing. …I don’t want to be his parent. …You said don’t make it personal. He has made it personal.”

Brian Karem, the Sentinel Newspapers executive editor, who shouted at Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders last week at a White House briefing because he’d had it with “fake news” allegations. He said this during an appearance on Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd on MSNBC Monday afternoon.


IJR‘s creative director wraps himself in a flag (because why not?) 













The Daily Caller is winning (something)

Eve Peyser works for VICE.










Joe Scarborough wants us to read something about character 












He also wants you to know how great ‘Morning Joe’ is doing









He really wants you to know how great ‘Morning Joe’ is doing (eye roll)










Jason Chaffetz says serving in Congress took a toll on his family

He said he’s been married 26 years. He doesn’t want to leave his wife alone in Utah. He said he spent nearly 1500 nights away from his family.

“Well, you work hard to get to this point…but it’s not necessarily everything I thought it would be. …I got kids and expenses and I make a handsome salary but it’s… When your attitude sours you gotta hang up the cleats.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) during an appearance on MSNBC’s MTP Daily Monday. He recently resigned from Congress and is going to work for Fox News. “I love the work, but I love my family more.”

JOURNO LOVE: Ex-Obama aide Tommy Veitor loves the hell out of The Atlantic‘s McKay Coppins 








Vietor quasi defends ex-President Clinton for playing the sax in the Oval

And then he blasts conservatives. 













My coworker Derek Hunter had a thought on that…







The Mirror Hate Mail: Reader calls me the c-word

No week is complete without a female journalist being called this.








What are Mr. and Mrs. Scott Baio up to?

Mrs. Baio is nothing if not patriotic.

God Bless America: Renee Baio compares the press to dogs while nonsensically praising President Trump

She also thinks it’s funny to call snakes in her yard ‘Pelosi’ and ‘Chuck’

She explains that the best snakes are ones that are six feet under: “Best kind are DEAD ones in my book. Or let them take up residence a few doors down please please!” By the way, BB — Bailey Baio — is her daughter.

For anyone who cares…the Baios became famous when 70s “Happy Days” heartthrob spoke at the National Republican Convention as one of the D-listers supporting Trump.

So basically Reuters doesn’t know shit about this so-called shooting

By the way… Reuters had an important follow-up on Twitter: “UPDATE: North Charleston, South Carolina police say no active shooter or injuries in gunfire incident at mall.”

Happy Birthday Montel! 

Btw…the ex-talk show hates Trump’s restaurant.

Montel’s birthday was Monday. He received birthday wishes from BET, PETA, Urban Movie Channel and Natural Soap. 

“Just not at Trump Grill it’s gross. You’d think with all the money @realDonaldTrump claims to have he could afford a decent restaurant?”

Montel Williams, a giant fan of The Mirror