Tariq Nasheed Makes A Race-Baiting Game For Kids

Fox News

Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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Race hustler Tariq Nasheed has been making the waves on social media over the past few weeks for arguing with YouTubers who called him out for constantly harping about “white supremacists,” which caused one of his detractors, popular Sikh YouTuber Bunty King, to be banned from Twitter.

Nasheed is attempting to leverage his newfound infamy to sell a mobile game called “Crispy’s Biscuits,” from his company MoorUs INC, which he calls an “addictive and exciting game where you have to help Crispy reach his Struggle Mansion while he collects biscuits along the way.”

Nasheed cultivates outrage towards white people and anyone who disagrees with his extremist views on race by accusing them of being “coons,” “white supremacists” and “hapas” depending on their race. “Hapa” is a racist slur for half-Asian people.

The former pick-up artist who used to go by “K-Flex” invites players to “play your way through ten different levels and help Crispy avoid obstacles like lotion bottles, hair clippers, raccoons, etc. on his quest to gather as many biscuits as he can.”

Crispy’s Biscuits isn’t Nasheed’s first foray into mobile games. In 2016, Nasheed made an RPG called Moorish Kingdom set in medieval times. The fantasy game received numerous 1-star reviews that complained about how poorly executed it was.

“Bad controls. Wanted to like this but the controls are pretty horrible and the movement is very static and not dynamic enough,” reads one review. The reviewer says that while the game costs a premium amount, players are forced to buy characters, levels, and the ability to remove in-game ads. It’s atypical for premium-priced games to even contain ads.

YouTubers who’ve crossed paths with Nasheed are laughing at Crispy Biscuits, but some, like Bunty King have highlighted the disturbing imagery within the game.