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Bath Time: Trump’s Roadmap To The Future; Rob Kardashian’s Wild Insta-Rant

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Trump’s ever-growing business plans – The Trump org might be dropping hints of future business plans on the screen just 10 inches from your face.

President Trump has registered and renewed licenses on hundreds of domain names in what could be a blueprint to new business ventures around the world, Politico reported.

Eric Goldman, a professor at the Santa Clara Law School, told the mag that companies do this because they are either thinking about expanding and want to make sure they have the domain names or they are trying to prevent something or someone else from taking the domain name. The domain names Trump Organization has been renewing suggest the President is aiming to do both.

Not only is Trump looking to broaden his business enterprise, but also his personal image through sites like, and have been renewed.

On the other hand,, and are examples of domain name renewals used as a defensive strategy.

More than 900 of the domain names, however, suggest that Trump may be looking to grow globally with known projects such as a golf course in Scotland and apartments in Mumbai.

For a full analysis of the organization’s potential plans, read here.

Chris Christie becomes a sculpture – A sand sculpture in Jersey Shore mocked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s controversial trip to the beach amid a government shutdown, The Hill reported.

The sculpture was built on Tuesday on a Seaside Heights beach and displayed Christie lazed on a beach chair with a shark next to him that read “July 4th” and a sign on the chair that read “Beach closed.” The sculpture was one of the more creative jabs taken at the governor for visiting a closed beach after shutting down all state beaches and parks.

The government reopened from the three-day shutdown on Tuesday, just in time for holiday celebrations.

Rob Kardashian goes off the rails on Instagram – The country China isn’t the only Chyna America is talking about.

Television personality Rob Kardashian went on an Instagram rampage Wednesday over ex-fiance Blac Chyna. The two have had an on-and-off relationship and share a 7-month-old baby named Dream. It seemed the couple was back together until Kardashian unleashed a wave of images calling Chyna out for using him for money and then sleeping with other guys.

Among the images were three different nudes of Chyna and captions that accused her of hooking up with rapper Ferrari after Kardashian paid for thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery and jewelry. Kardashian later deleted the nudes, but went on to share a video of Chyna kissing Ferrari and screenshots of texts, exposing the rapper for hitting him up for money.

Kardashian slammed the baby mama, accusing her of having a drug addiction and bringing multiple guys to the same bed they conceived Dream in. His Instagram-turned-diary recycled the same photo of Ferrari laying in bed and the video of Chyna kissing him with increasingly aggressive yet comical captions.

“U will never see Dream again unless u stop the alcohol and drugs and cocaine and X and E,” Kardashian threatened. “Chyna please get help.”

As shown below, his account is now down.

WILDCARD: Bird man extraordinaire –  Think the bird house you made when you were 10 was good? Wait until you see these crazy bird mansions a retired Canadian man builds.

John Looser, 52, from Belgrave, Ontario, Canada stopped working when he was 37 due to fibromyalgia. The former carpenter picked up birdhouse making to fill the extra time on his hands, the Daily Mail reported.

These most intricate wooden masterpieces are sold at an astounding price of $3,200. The houses are basically a bird’s heaven, some include a swimming pool and fly-by tunnels. Smaller options are sold at a relatively affordable price of about $77 with prices rising based on additional rooms or features.

John told Daily Mail that smaller houses take about four to six hours to build, but bigger ones can take up to a couple of years. The largest lodge John built was nine feet wide by seven feet tall. If you ever pay John a visit, you can expect to find about 500 birds congregating on his lawn, indulging in the 30 or so mansions on display.

Whether a bird’s walnut-sized brain is even capable of recognizing it’s living in a birds equivalent of Buckingham Palace is probably unlikely, John’s craft is one of the most impressive oddities I’ve ever seen.

Check out photos of these masterpieces, here.