Race Hustler Tariq Nasheed Abuses Copyright System To Silence Detractor

Fox News

Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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Tariq Nasheed has made a name for himself as a race baiter on Twitter. He spends most of his days on Twitter railing against “white supremacy,” and its supporters — namely people who aren’t white who speak out against him.

On Friday, he filed multiple DMCA claims against one of his detractors to silence him by abusing copyright law.

The self-described “anti-racism strategist,” who sometimes goes by the names “K-Flex” or “King Flex” attained infamy for claiming that the Cleveland Facebook killer would be used as an excuse for white supremacists to shoot black people, and warned them to be on guard.  Nasheed appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show in 2016 to attack police officers for stopping the OSU terrorist.

More recently, Nasheed has been engaged in an online spat with a Sikh personality named Annand Virk, who’s popularly known as Bunty King. Nasheed expressed his support for Bill Cosby and attacked the women who came forward with allegations against the black comedian as “white supremacists.” Nasheed also claimed that “white people invented racism.” Virk took issue with Nasheed’s sweeping statements on race and called him out.

Nasheed responded by accusing the popular YouTuber of being a “white supremacist,” a “coon,” and a variety of other racial slurs, and got Virk banned from Twitter.

The ban didn’t stop Virk from speaking out against the race baiter on YouTube. Just weeks after the previous feud, Nasheed has hit Virk’s popular YouTube channel, which has over 42,000 subscribers, with 6 DMCA takedowns that will effectively suspend his channel and suppress Virk’s right to free speech.

In colloquial terms, a “DMCA claim” is a strike based on the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act enacted by Bill Clinton, which is sometimes used to infringe upon free speech rights. At its core, the law is designed to prevent thieves from stealing and redistributing content that does not belong to them. Virk’s productions and responses to Nasheed do not violate the regulation, but it hasn’t stopped Nasheed from filing the claims against him.

The strikes on Virk’s YouTube channel prevent him from uploading any new videos. YouTube rarely responds to counter-claims and unless Virk’s case receives more publicity, YouTube is on course to shut down the channel in seven days.

Other YouTubers have responded to the situation by creating a hashtag called #buntyban to draw attention to Tariq Nasheed’s actions and prevent Virk’s channel from getting shut down.