5 Reasons Vaping Is A Safer Alternative To Smoking

Blake Randle | Contributor

Smoking often causes serious health problems, such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and even lung cancer. In an average year, cigarette smokers inhale 6 grams of chemicals that have the potential to cause cancer. While many people who smoke want to quit, nicotine addiction can make quitting cigarettes difficult.

That raises the question: Are vaporizers a healthier alternative to smoking?

Vaporizers provide a measured dose of nicotine and are far safer than cigarettes, cigars, or any other form of smokeable tobacco. Many people who have made the switch from cigarettes to vaping have noticed improvements in their health, and this is backed by scientific evidence. Here are five reasons why you should make the switch to vaping by buying a vape starter kit:

  1. E-Juices Don’t Contain The Hazardous Chemicals That Are Often Contained In Cigarettes

There are 43 known carcinogens in cigarettes along with 400 chemicals that have other toxic effects on the body. However, e-juices for vaping are simply made of nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. While the nicotine is derived from tobacco, the extraction process ensures that all that’s left is pure nicotine. The other substances (e.g vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol) in e-juices are generally not harmful to one’s health.

  1. Studies Show That Vaporized E-Juices Are Less Harmful Than Smoking

Reputable studies present strong evidence that e-juices are less harmful than tobacco. When you make the switch to e-juices, your odds of suffering a stroke decrease to the level of non-smokers within a period of only two to five years. In as little as five years, your risk of suffering from esophageal, throat, or mouth cancer decreases by 50 percent. After ten years of making the switch, your risk of lung cancer goes down by 50 percent. In addition, there have been no studies that indicate vaping causes the life threatening side effects that smoking can cause.

  1. Vaporizers Don’t Create Smoke

Regardless of whether or not smoked tobacco contains additives, smoke itself has a damaging effect on the lungs. This is due to the heat of the smoke and particles contained in it. However, vaporizers simply heat the e-juices to a point that it creates a sort of steam. This steam doesn’t contain hazardous particles, which makes it much safer to breathe in.

  1. Vaping Can Allow You To More Easily Quit Nicotine

It is easier to wean yourself off of nicotine when you vape. It’s impossible to know how much nicotine you are consuming when you smoke cigarettes. When you vape, you will know exactly how much nicotine you are consuming. The nicotine content of e-juices are typically shown on the bottle. This makes it possible to gradually switch to vape juices with lower concentrations of nicotine. Therefore, you can reduce your nicotine intake to zero or near zero in a gradual manner, and this is likely to prevent or reduce cravings for cigarettes.

In addition, part of the reason why cigarette smoking is addictive may be partly due to the act of smoking itself rather than being simply an effect of the nicotine. The act of vaping doesn’t seem to be as psychologically addictive as smoking a cigarette is for many people.

  1. Vaporizers Don’t Create Secondhand Smoke

Cigarettes aren’t just harmful to the person smoking. It is thought that cigarette smoke in the air can be harmful to the health of others in the vicinity. This is a particularly serious concern for those who have children or are around asthma sufferers. However, the vapor from a vaporizer isn’t harmful to the health of those around you. This is because of the fact that there aren’t harmful additives in e-juices. Studies have demonstrated that there is no secondhand smoke type effect caused by vaping.

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