CNN Editor Falsely Claims Merkel Chose Hamburg For G20 To Damage Trump [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s International Diplomatic Editor Nic Robertson incorrectly claimed Wednesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel chose Hamburg for the G20 Summit so that President Trump would have to encounter protesters.

Robertson stated that the German Chancellor strategically picked Hamburg — an easily accessible location as opposed to remote areas where the G20s are sometimes held — so that Trump could “hear the voices of dissent” from protesters.

“Angela Merkel has chosen to hold this summit environment in a location that can be surrounded by protesters,” Robertson said.

“The essence of the idea here is not forgetting that Angela Merkel is in a reelection campaign this year — the protesters will be able to get close so that, in part, President Trump can hear the voices of dissent here in Germany,” he continued.

The only problem with this claim is that, according to the Associated Press, Hamburg was chosen as the location for the G20 back in June 2016, long before Trump ever won the presidency.


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