Illegal Immigrant Drives Over Three Females In Fit Of Rage Against Women

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Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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A 24-year-old illegal alien named Lorenzo Alonso Romero allegedly drove over three women in his Oldsmobile on May 27.

The Laredo Morning-Times reports that Romero, who is currently being held in Webb County jail, claims to have driven over the women in an act of retaliation against the first victim as revenge for a police report she filed against him two years ago.

The victim was taken to Laredo Medical Center for her injuries.

Two hours after he allegedly ran down the first victim, Romero allegedly drove over a second woman, who was jogging near a school — twice. She was also taken to the same hospital. Speaking to the victims, police learned that the suspect vehicle matched in both cases.

A third call was made to 911 on the same day, with a report that the same vehicle had struck another woman. She was also treated for injuries at the LMC. Speaking to police, the victim described the same vehicle. The victim says that she noticed the vehicle stalking her before it hit her.

Lorenzo indicated to police that he was upset over the fact that he was upset over a report filed against him two years ago by a neighbor. He claims the allegations were false.

“When asked why two years later he was still upset, he stated he was just upset with women in general and was taking out his frustration on random women he would encounter,” states the criminal complaint.

The complaint states that Lorenzo took full responsibility for “intentionally and knowingly struck all three women with his vehicle, a black 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora, which he borrowed from the car lot where he is employed at.”

This isn’t Romero’s first brush with the law. In 2015, he allegedly attempted to stab a man during an altercation. The Laredo-Morning Times states that he was also charged with assaulting women on two separate occasions — including an attempted stabbing. In the second case, he allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck after she told him to stop drinking.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement states that Romero was deported twice to his native country of Mexico. He’s currently being held in jail on an immigration detainer.

Ian Miles Cheong