This NYT Report On Immigration Is Flat Out Shameful

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Geoffrey Ingersoll Editor in Chief
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A New York Times story on hundreds of Iraqi Christians rounded up for deportation used the kind of insufferable weeping not seen since The Notebook was in theaters to bury the most important supporting information of the piece: “[T]heir green cards were revoked after criminal convictions on charges including theft, drug possession, rape and murder.”

Yes, that’s verbatim from the tenth paragraph of Vivian Yee’s Wednesday immigration report in the Times. You might not have seen it though, because Yee meandered her way through the killing fields in Iraq, the persecution of Christians (something the Times has always been really concerned about), and, of course, President Donald Trump’s bigotry, before she actually told readers the truth: They’re being deported for breaking the law.

Not any whimsical lawbreaking either, no, ma’am, they weren’t scooped up for unpaid parking tickets. Once more, with gusto: “theft, drug possession, rape and murder.”

Let those last two linger like the stank after an honor killing: Rape. Murder.

More noteworthy and newsworthy than those two criminal offenses was Trump’s “hurling verbal napalm at Mexico and vowing to keep out Muslims,” which appeared much higher than the actual news: Deportation of rapists and murderers.

Here, look at how the lede properly genuflects before all the things Republicans ought to love.

Indeed, she begins by marking Christian time [emphasis ours]:

“A few Sundays ago, federal immigration agents walked through the doors of handsome houses here in the Detroit suburbs, brushing past tearful children, stunned wives and statuettes of the Virgin Mary in search of men whose time was up.”

You mean to tell me feds tread on the liberty of handsome private property during God’s holy Sabbath — in the suburbs where white people live even! — brushing aside crying children, shocked wives, disturbing statuettes of the Virgin Mary(!) in order to round up God-fearing Christians?! New York Times, tell me it isn’t so.

It isn’t, you find out 10 paragraphs deep, if you have the attention span required to get through the incessant whining and passive aggressive swipes at Trump.

We also have no idea the criminal breakdown of Yee’s “hundreds” number. Was it 95 drug possessions, one murderer, two rapists and a thief? I might have been more sympathetic then, but I can’t be because I just don’t know.

Crime is an unimportant element for the Times editors (what of them remain) responsible for this article.

With Yee’s post, The New York Times has added overt apologism for rape and murder to its Rolodex of achievements on its way to leading the storied resistance (with almost blanket anonymity).

That ever-so important resistance, dutifully protecting democracy from the cover of darkness (where it supposedly dies, according to The Washington Post).

We must resist the bone-crushing oppression of Trump, TheNYT says. Resist Trump, who is deporting criminals to uphold justice, protect Americans and — if you read the article carefully — make room for Iraqi Christians who actually want to obey the laws of Americans.

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