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De Blasio Dicking Around In Deutschland

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Good news, New Yorkers: All your problems have been solved! Or at least that’s what we’re led to believe, considering your mayor has run off to Germany to nip at President Trump’s heels.

Rich Calder, NY Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio landed Friday morning in Germany, where he will spend the weekend attending various events, including a leftist protest related to the G20 summit of world leaders…

On Saturday, de Blasio will be keynote speaker at the Hamburg Zeigt Haltung (Hamburg Shows Attitude) rally on “human rights and democracy,” where he is expected to speak out against President Trump’s policies.

Of course he is. He can’t very well run for president in 2020 if he doesn’t take every possibility to bash Trump, can he? Okay, sure, so he’s halfway around the world while his city’s subway system is falling apart. So he’s snubbing his own cops after one of them was just executed in cold blood.

Whadda you people want, a mayor or somethin’?

Allahpundit nails it: “This makes sense once you remember that ostentatiously signaling one’s virtuous opposition to Trump is the highest calling of a leftist politician right now.”