Milo Suing Publisher For $10 Million Over Dropping His Book

Amelia Hamilton Contributor
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Back in 2016, Milo Yiannopoulos was set to publish his book “Dangerous” with Simon & Schuster. However, days after resigning from Breitbart amid allegations that the self-styled provocateur condoned pedophilia, the publisher dropped the title claiming it was “unacceptable for publication,” TMZ reports.

While he was allowed to keep his $80,000 advance, Yiannopoulos filed a $10 million lawsuit against the publishing house Friday, claiming that the book was not unacceptable for publication, but that they caved to pressure from celebrities who did not want to see his book published. 

The furor began in February of this year when it was uncovered Yiannopoulos made comments in an old interview that were seen by some to condone pedophilia. In the aftermath, he resigned from Breitbart, saying ,“I would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues’ important reporting, so today I am resigning from Breitbart… This decision is mine alone.”

In May, he said he planned to sue the publisher for $10 million and self-publish his book. “We are going to make publishers, professors and journalists who threaten free speech famous ― and ashamed,” he wrote on FacebookSimon & Schuster told TMZ that the case is “publicity driven and entirely without merit.”