NBC News’ Keir Simmons Gets Tear Gassed, Hosed At G20 Riots [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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NBC News’ Keir Simmons provided viewers unbelievable coverage of the G20 riots, getting tear gassed and blasted by water cannons outside of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Simmons, a foreign correspondent based out of London, went deep into the anti-capitalist and anarchist riots Thursday and Friday despite dangerous and intense situations.

Watching him maneuver around rioters and police, get tear gassed, get shot by a water cannon, and take a water bottle to the head not only made for incredibly entertaining television — it put viewers right in the center of the action.

At one point, Simmons gets hosed in the back by a water cannon as he’s running away from riot police, but laughs and moves to the side of the action to tell viewers that protesters “have put concrete blocks in the road to try to prevent the police from coming through.”

During another cut to Simmons, he is being jostled and elbowed by riot police on a stairwell as he and his cameraman, Miguel, try to follow a crowd of protesters.

Standing in front of a burning pile of debris later on, Simmons reported, “Well, [the police] aren’t here right now….and that says something, I think, about the stage we are now at. There are now riots on the streets of Hamburg.”

Perhaps most astonishing was Simmons’ praise for the police even as he has spent the last two days in rough conditions.

“These guys have been running around too, the same way we have, and look at all the kit they’re wearing. It’s very hot here, so it is a very very difficult job for these gentlemen police.”

Check out some of the craziest moments from Simmons’ reporting in our compilation video.


Back in 2014, Simmons was on the ground covering Eastern Ukraine after the crash of Malaysian flight MH17. He described being surrounded by shelling, missiles, and guns for weeks before finally being able to return home to his family.

“You can imagine, I am hugging my children a little closer,” he said at the time.

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