The 10 Funniest Political Follies Of The Last 20 Years [SLIDESHOW]


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We like to think of the typical political leader as a perfectly programmed robot. For the sake of their reputations, they can’t necessarily afford to act any other way, so we can’t really blame them. (SLIDESHOW: 10 Times John Kerry Looked More Like Secretariat Than Secretary Of State)

Political leaders tend to know how to conduct themselves, what to say and what not to say, especially in front of their constituents and the media. But when they do slip up, it’s like finding a unicorn at the end of a rainbow. We may cringe from the embarrassing behavior, but for the sake of adding a little humor to our nation’s history we can’t help but laugh a little when reminiscing on these quite memorable moments. (SLIDESHOW: It’s Official: Kushner Brought Piece To The Middle East)

So let’s go back through the last 20 years and take a look at some of the best, and most hilarious, follies from these political leaders.