The Media Is Buying Britt McHenry’s Latest Act Without Asking Any Questions

Britt McHenry (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Right USA Now)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Britt McHenry has become extremely outspoken on political issues lately, and nobody seems to be asking why.

The media, and conservative media especially, have bought into McHenry’s political turn like it was always this way. She recently criticized Colin Kaepernick’s decision to head to Africa, and a quick Google search shows plenty of news outlets covering her blog post. However, what none of them really seem to point out is that this is all relatively new from McHenry.

She has also been incredibly active on social media, and not a single news outlet I can find is noting the change in tone of her social media.

Furthermore, Breitbart essentially wrote up an advertisement for her upcoming book after she claimed she was fired from ESPN for being conservative.

“So, long story long, it’s impossible to know whether McHenry was laid off due to her politics. However, if she did and she has proof of that, I’d love to read the book,” the Breitbart author wrote at the end of the McHenry piece.

The piece also was notably missing the infamous car impound lot incident that made her a household name in the sports world. How can any news organization willingly omit what she did to the impound clerk while discussing the reasons why she got laid off from ESPN? It’s either negligence and dereliction of duty, or just flat-out choosing to omit it because the writer knows it doesn’t fit the narrative. I’m not sure which is worse.

Am I the only one in the media pausing long enough to simply ask why McHenry is suddenly going so far to the right and being so vocal about it? Why hasn’t any other notable person in the media looked at the evidence and simply considered that the timing seems odd? Is this a ploy for a job at Fox News or some other conservative outlet?

Now to be clear, I have noted before that there has long been proof that McHenry holds conservative views. However, they were subtle and not overtly displayed to the world as they recently have been.

To be fair, I have no idea if McHenry’s actions are genuine are not. We’ve had our share of conflict between the two of us in the past, but that is not what’s forcing me to evaluate this situation with skepticism. The fact it all happened so quickly, and literally nobody has questioned her motives is suspect to say the least.

I guess if the rest of the media world wants to set low journalistic standards and never question anything they’re told, then so be it. I will remain the last beacon of hope for those that believe in truth and freedom.

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