Don Jr. Posts Meme Of Trump Blowing Up CNN [VIDEO]

Win McNamee/Getty Images

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President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., posted a video on Instagram on Saturday morning showing the president launching a rocket at the CNN logo.


The meme was first created by The Daily Caller’s chief video editor, Richard McGinniss, who posted it to Twitter on Friday.


A popular Instagram and Twitter account, Old Row Official, appears to have used the same video from McGinniss’ tweet. It was there that Don Jr. found the video and reposted it on Instagram. “It was sent to us through a follower submission and has no DC watermark so I can’t verify that,” an Old Row spokesperson told TheDC. “We would typically only credit the submitting party.”

Don Jr’s post is similar to the one his father posted last Sunday, which showed him body-slamming the CNN logo, much to the horror of journalists. (RELATED: Media Horrified After Trump Tweets Video Body-Slamming CNN)


Trump and CNN have had an often contentious relationship, as the network has been especially critical of the president. Trump has taken to calling the network “fake news” and “fraud news” and seemed to revel in the network’s credibility crisis following a botched story about one of his advisers that led to the resignations of two editors and a reporter. (RELATED: CNN’s Month-Long Nightmare)

Don Jr’s post will likely provoke a negative reaction among journalists, many of whom claimed that President Trump’s body-slam tweet was inciting violence against reporters. Don Jr. captioned his post on Saturday: “One of [the] best I’ve seen.”