Bannon Used This List Of Hillary Insults To Motivate Trump On The Campaign Trail

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Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Steve Bannon used a long list of Hillary Clinton insults to motivate Donald Trump on the campaign trail, an excerpt from a new book on the powerful duo reveals.

Bannon would hurl insults at Clinton in front of Trump “with the passion of a cornerman firing up a boxer for one last grueling round in the ring,” Josh Green writes in his soon to be released book, “Devil’s Bargain.” And Trump ate it up.

Here are some of the insults: “Clinton, Bannon would insist, was ‘a résumé,’ ‘a total phony,’ ‘terrible on the stage,’ ‘a grinder, but not smart,’ ‘a joke who hides behind a complacent media,’ ‘an apple-polisher who couldn’t pass the D.C. bar exam,’ ‘thinks it’s her turn’ but ‘has never accomplished anything in her life.'”

An excerpt of the book was published Monday in New York Magazine and highlighted in Mike Allen’s Axios newsletter.

Trump found Bannon appealing, in part because of his “distinctive vocabulary,” Green writes. He now serves as White House chief strategist, and is reportedly the source of Trump’s frequent decisions to double down when in conflict.

“Bannon gloried in the slights and scorn directed at Trump supporters, proudly insisting that elitist Clintonites looked down on them as ‘hobbits,’ ‘Grunions,’ and — co-opting Clinton’s own ill-advised term — ‘deplorable,'” Green writes. “Anyone who thought otherwise was a ‘mook’ or a ‘schmendrick.'”

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