Berkeley Graffiti Says ‘Kill Cops’, Targets White People

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Recently discovered graffiti in Berkeley, California targeted police officers and white people for hate.

On June 28, a number of incidents were reported to the Berkeley Police Department. According to The Daily Californian, 17 car tires were slashed and 13 reports of graffiti were found.

The graffiti was reportedly targeted white people, and one marking even said, “kill cops.”

There was also graffiti against “liberal scum.”

A BPD spokesperson said the messages could constitute a hate crime.

Kriss Worthington, a council member in Berkeley, told DailyCal, “There’s a lot of hate for a lot of groups,” adding,  “and it’s very upsetting that people can be that offensive.” (RELATED: Berkeley Mayor Publicly Belongs To Violent Leftist Group)

According to some Twitter users in the area, the graffiti has remained up for up to three weeks without being taken down:

The combination of graffiti that targets white people, police officers, and “liberals,” likely points to an far-left culprit as being responsible for the markings.

Far-left groups like anarchists and antifa often bemoan and belittle so-called “liberals,” who they see as being insufficiently progressive on many issues.

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