Burgomaster Bill de Blasio

Joe Alton Contributor
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This weekend, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio showed what a great candidate Hizzoner is for a second term…as burgomaster of just about any city in Germany. Big bill skipped town recently to jet to the G20 summit (all expenses paid, of course) so that he could hobnob with his fellow socialists and assure them that America is not with President Trump. Well, at least, New York City, Chicago, and most of California isn’t. Mr. de Blasio also skipped the candlelight vigil for Miosotis Familia, a murdered 48-year-old police officer and mother of three, but fear not: He might still make it to the funeral unless there’s a Sandinista coup somewhere to attend.

Burgomaster Bill’s birth name was Warren Wilhelm Jr, so perhaps he should be referred to as “Kaiser Wilhelm”. He was in Germany to support the anti-capitalists who massed in their thousands to hear him claim that the Trump administration is “…unrepresentative of the views of the American people…”. Mr. de Blasio didn’t have kind words for the G20 Summit, all of whose members are obviously a cabal of despots and tyrants meeting to formulate nefarious plots like…improving global dialogue.

Back in New York, Hizzoner’s lack of support for law enforcement in New York City is legendary, going back to his criticism of “stop and frisk” in his campaign for mayor in 2013.  Police stops dropped in short order from 685,000 to 22,000, and NYPD statistics reveal murders have jumped 11%, rapes are up 13%, and shooting in general have experienced a 7% increase in shootings. Despite these facts, de Blasio points to a 1% drop in overall crime, mostly due to a drop in the number of grand larcenies in the city. Perhaps New York City’s motto should be: “Hey, we ain’t Chicago!”.

The Mayor had more important things to do than to say a few kind words at the vigil for a slain police officer, but it didn’t hinder his praising Hamburg’s police.  He lauded local peace officers (wink wink) in speeches to the same demonstrators that injured 213 of them in two nights of violence.

As mayor, the job is to take care of the city, not solve the planet’s problems, achieve world peace, or institute a worker’s revolution over capitalist societies. Nothing New York City does is going to have a noticeable effect on climate change. Bill, take care of the citizens in your city, they’re all progressives like you, so there’s no risk that you might be helping, perish the thought, a Republican.

There are plenty of problems there for Hizzoner to solve. Besides issues with those pesky police officers, de Blasio has done his share to greatly increase the number of homeless on the streets: Besides the 60,000 in shelters, several thousand sleep on sidewalks piling up with garbage, something you didn’t see so much in Rudy Giuliani’s New York. Bill claims that the numbers of homeless are inflated, since they were counted on a balmy night; the destitute just decided to enjoy the lovely weather and the ambiance by the dumpsters. In addition, subways and elements of other infrastructure are in fragile condition, with a shortfall in the funds needed for maintaining a state of good repair.

Bill de Blasio clearly enjoyed his trip, where he gave softball interviews and didn’t have to answer questions from reporters that actually know the problems in New York. He received accolades from leftist Europeans, while the city under his watch was mourning.

Sounds like a recipe for the end of a political career, you might think. But in liberal New  York, Burgomaster Bill is, if he wants to be, Mayor-for-life. Lucky for him, because any city that seriously evaluated their chief executive’s performance would kick him out after one term. He may be a popular speaker in Europe and America’s ultra-left bastions, but his callousness towards law enforcement and his obvious disdain for a free-market America hardens the opinions of moderates and conservatives against him and his party. Democrat politicians like de Blasio bring the reality of how different the Left is from the average American citizen. So, Big Bill, feel free to travel beyond our borders to spew venom against our system of government. Maybe, if we’re lucky, you’ll find a country more to your liking, get elected burgomaster, and not return.

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