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Morning Mirror: Charles Johnson’s New Desired Bod, Chris Hayes Gloats About Don Jr.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“OK gentlemen. How do I get super ripped?”

GotNews EIC Charles C. Johnson.


Don Lemon confessional. 

“I understand why he’s [attorney Bakari Sellers] so upset. I’m not saying whose fault it is but just within the last two years I have never received as many hateful messages and threats as I have in my 20 plus years in the business and that’s all I’ll say. ” — CNN’s Don Lemon on his program Monday night.

On Sunday, CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers said she had been doxxed and that haters had threatened to harass her parents.

CNN KFILE’s Andrew Kaczynski has also been doxxed.

LIFE’s A BEACH: The Chris Christie saga continues 

NYT’s Nick Corasnti: “Second angry caller to Christie, “Mike from Montclair” calls him a bully and calls him a “fat ass.” Christie calls him a communist.”

Business Insider‘s Josh Barro: “This is going well.”

Evergreen quote…

“Does any WWE Wrestling Fans or Journalists/Bloggers from around the world want to chat?” — the Internet’s Marty Rudolf.


“I’m just glad this is all coming out before voting day and everyone does something they can’t take back.” — Ashley Feinberg, Wired. “I know I’m probably wrong but I still can’t bring myself to believe that there isn’t a line somewhere even if it’s not this.”

Is Joe Scarborough contemplating leaving the Republican Party? 

“Unfortunately, the infect has spread throughout the party. I became a Republic because of Ronald Reagan. This is no longer his party…A GOP congressman is on CNN saying that he would have also met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer for opportunity research if given the chance. Wow.” — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Slate story: “Why do we love to imagine Donald Trump sexually pleasuring dictators?”

Journo Love

NYT‘s Adam Goldman: “I am still reporting.”

WaPo‘s Carol Leonnig: “Pace yourself man.”

Is MSNBC Chris Hayes’s gloating a tad premature? 





Notorious Trump hater Erick Erickson gives Don Jr. the benefit of the doubt 

“I still treat the New York Times story about Donald Trump, Jr. with great skepticism. It is true that Trump, Jr. confirmed the meeting took place. But there are lots of other details he and the Trump team dispute up against a newspaper that has had several related stories disputed by even the FBI. But assume, for the sake of argument, that Donald Trump, Jr. met with Russians knowing the Russians had information they hoped to use against Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Where is the illegality in that? You may not like it. But that’s sleazy politics. It is not illegal. …You may not think it was smart of Trump, Jr. to do — and it was absolutely a stupid thing to do that may bring down his father’s administration — but it was not illegal.”

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent.

The Observer

“Ivanka and Melania just showed their displeasure at all this by blinking once each.” — Oliver Griswold, branding guy.

BREAKING: Daily Mail covers ‘bizarre’ advocado yogurt 

It’s now being sold at Trader Joe’s.

The jury is still out on whether it’s gross or delicious.

“It’s just the latest in avocado innovation from the brand, after they introduced Teeny Tiny Avocados earlier this year,” the story says.

Mika Brzezinski lands a book deal

Turns out it pays when President Trump says you have blood coming out of your chin.

As in a six figure book deal. See the writeup here.

Don’t get too excited. Get your pillow: It’s going to be a “revised edition of “Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth.”

See here.

Overheard in the newsroom… 

“If you learn one thing from this internship it’s don’t use steroids.” — Anonymous sports writer.