Australian Man Checks In Can Of Beer For Flight

REUTERS/David Gray

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A Qantas flight from Melbourne to Perth, Australia carried extremely precious cargo in its luggage hold on Saturday- a can of Emu Export beer. The passenger, Dean Stinson, pushed the limits on what could qualify as checked luggage.

Much to the passenger’s surprise, his unique luggage was accepted.

“My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh — I half didn’t expect it to come out the other end,” said Stinson.

After a four-hour plane ride, the lager was the first item on the baggage claim belt at Perth Airport. “But when it did it was sent out well in front of all the other luggage, so the baggage handlers obviously appreciated it,” he said.

Stinson posted a video of the can’s arrival on Facebook and commented that the can arrived dent-free and would be kept as a trophy forever. Users rejoiced calling him an “Aussie hero” and his actions as “the stuff of legends.”

While the airport staff appreciated the passenger’s humor, Qantas Airlines discouraged customers in the future from following his trend. “This guy’s done it and he’s won the internet for the day, so we’re happy to move on,” said a Qantas spokesman.