Daily Vaper: Joyetech Cubis Pro Tank Review

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

Joyetech’s Cubis Pro atomizer/tank adopts an innovative and leak-resistant cup design, in which coil replacement and juice fill can be done by removing the top section. Airflow controls are also contained within the removable top tank assembly, meaning the possibility for leakage or coil flooding is greatly reduced. It is 22mm in diameter and should fit almost any mod out there.

The filling feature is demonstrated in the video below. You simply twist off the top cap that holds onto the coil and have a cup-like space to easily fill liquid. The reviewer was pleasantly surprised by the vapor cloud production as well as the flavor that comes from this tank setup. Also, the juice flows to the coil through the bottom. So you can vape all the juice before having to refill it. Overall, the Cubis Pro atomizer/tank has improved top fill and improved air flow, over the original Joyetech. There is also a spit-back preventative measure in place with the Cubis Pro, unlike the original.

Original Joyetech CUBIS Pro 22mm Clearomizer for E Cigarette on sale for $14.35

WATCH The Video Review:

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