Getting Obliterated By A Jet Ski Doesn’t Seem Like A Pleasant Experience

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A viral video of a man getting destroyed by a jet ski swept across the internet Wednesday.

Three unidentified male individuals were messing around around on the beach, and appeared to be throwing sand at each other during their horseplay.

Little did they know that a jet ski was racing towards them. One of the men stepped backwards while not paying attention, and was quickly sent airborne by the water vehicle, which was traveling at an incredibly high speed.


You gotta ask yourself ..if you aren’t running your friend over these days are you actually even friends?

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There are plenty of things that can ruin your day at the beach. It can storm, the beer runs out, the ice runs out while you still have beer left or the local ladies aren’t exactly dominating the beach scene. Those are all totally reasonable things that can ruin a quick jump down to the water.

However, getting run over by a jet ski while standing on dry land has never once been a concern of mine. That is all changed now. If jet skis can get to people on land then nobody is safe. This is not a precedent I’m comfortable with being set.

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