Joe Rogan Explaining Why He Won’t Perform For Colleges Is Gold

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Joe Rogan once again proved why he is a national treasure Tuesday with an extended rant about why he won’t perform on college campuses.

“I don’t think they have enough life experience, you know? I like to talk to people who have lived. I want to talk to somebody who has had affairs, love affairs, and who has had jobs and been fired, who has education, I want someone with life experience. Not that there’s anything wrong with being 18, or whatever, 19, but I want someone who has some living under their belt so they know what the fuck I’m talking about. I don’t want to have to explain everything,” Rogan told his Tuesday audience on his hit show “The Joe Rogan Experience.”


Rogan is a genius, and there’s no doubt about it. He routinely destroys dumb recycled talking points, but this might be one of his best yet.

The vast majority of college kids in America are awful. They’re raised in a bubble, patted on the back routinely and told how awesome they are, they’re lazy, most don’t know how to use a gun or hunt for themselves, and in general they just suck.

Only college students would be dumb enough to try and get Bill Maher, a liberal comedian, banned from giving a speech at UC-Berkeley.

I couldn’t agree with Rogan more.

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