Roger Stone Trashes CNN, MSNBC, And ‘Nasty Foul-Mouthed’ Chelsea

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Republican strategist Roger Stone trashed the mainstream media and the Clinton family in remarks Tuesday, specifically calling Chelsea Clinton “foul-mouthed and abusive.”

Stone drew comparisons between the Clinton family and the Watergate scandal, while speaking to a group of Washington, D.C. Young Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club.

“One of the great lessons of Watergate, we were told, is that no person is above the law,” he stated.

“What then of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their greedy, nasty, foul-mouthed, abusive little daughter, Chelsea?” Stone said. “The Clinton Foundation is not a charity, it’s a slush fund for grifters.”

He then referenced the 2013 IRS targeting controversy in which conservative leaning nonprofits had been scrutinized due to their political beliefs and asserted that,”if the Clinton Foundation were on the right, and it had had the filing discrepancies and the other demonstrably illegal activities, they would’ve had their tax status lifted by the IRS long ago.”

When an audience member pressed Stone about his work with InfoWars, Stone replied that Alex Jones’ comments about the Sandy Hook shooting were distorted and less serious than recent accusations of treason against Donald Trump, Jr.

“[CNN and MSNBC] accusing Donald Trump, Jr. of treason today, on what basis? Treason? You see on both MSNBC and CNN. So I think they have ceased to be a news organization, I think that this a commercial marketing decision because there is a cohort of anti-Trump viewers, consumers, buyers, out there.”

“But I think the American people in their wisdom see through it,” Stone concluded. His comments are made in the wake of a recent Gallup poll that found Americans are virtually split on the media’s coverage of Donald Trump, between those who think the coverage is too tough (35 percent) and those that think the media isn’t tough enough (34 percent).

Stone was recently the subject of the Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone” and is a well-known political consultant and lobbyist.

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