Taxpayer-Funded University Gives Out Social Justice Certificates For WEARING SWEATERS

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The student government at taxpayer-funded Western Washington University formally offers a “sustainable office certification” to reward administrative offices and academic departments for their efforts to “improve social justice, human health, the local economy and ecological sustainability.”

Administrators and professors on campus can earn the certification by agreeing to engage in several practices which include wearing sweaters when it’s cold and taking mandatory work breaks each day to walk or stretch.

“Sustainable Office Certification supports sustainable actions and provides a simple way of measuring efforts that happen at the office level,” Western Washington’s “Western Sustainability” webpage explains.

Attaining the “sustainable office certification” involves jumping through several bureaucratic hoops.

First, each office at Western Washington must choose a coordinator to work with the public school’s “campus conservation and engagement assistant,” according to Campus Reform.

Together, the coordinator and the assistant fill out a 13-page “sustainable office certification” score sheet.

The score sheet offers 149 total points which offices and academic departments can earn. “Bronze certification” requires 50 points. The more difficult and environmentally prestigious “platinum certification” requires 120 points.

Some sustainability practices are required. They include setting all computers to hibernate after a maximum of 30 minutes, reusing old furniture and providing “conveniently placed and clearly labeled” recycling bins.

Other sustainability practices for which offices and departments can earn points include managing “personal comfort levels with appropriate clothing (e.g. sweaters) rather than using space heaters and/or adjusting the thermostat.”

There’s also taking “daily required or recommended breaks” to “walk or stretch,” drinking “only tap water” and purchasing “organic or eco-friendly dishwashing soap.”

Still other sustainability practices include carpooling and having just one office trash can.

To keep offices and departments on the environmental straight and narrow, the student government has instituted an annual review process.

About 20 percent of Western Washington’s various academic departments and managerial fiefdoms.

Western Washington’s student government office itself receives a bronze rating. The student government board describes itself as “sweater-conscious, and office staff manage personal comfort levels with layering rather than using space heaters or turning up the thermostat.”

Also, almost half of the student government staff “regularly relies on buses for transportation.”

Western Washington University — located in the northwest corner of the state — is a hotbed of social justice activism.

Last year, for example, student activists on the taxpayer-funded campus published a formidable list of demands which included ordering the creation of an entirely new College of Power and Liberation dedicated to social justice as well as the formation of a 15-member student committee with the power to fire faculty members and “monitor, document, and archive all racist, anti- black, transphobic, cissexist, misogynistic, ablest, homophobic, islamophobic, and otherwise oppressive behavior on campus.” (RELATED: College Students Demand Power To Fire Police Who Microaggress Them)

In 2014, Western Washington University administrators sent a questionnaire to students asking them for advice on how the administration could succeed at making sure that, in future years, “we are not as white as we are today.” (RELATED: White Is Not Right: Campus Asks For Help Weeding Out White People)

Also in 2014, Western Washington’s administration required staff members to endure viewpoint-corrective training sessions on far-left political topics like “heterosexual privilege,” “gender privilege” and “language privilege.” The meeting agendas were largely secret, and staff members were sworn to secrecy. (RELATED: University Staff Members Forced To Undergo Reeducation In ‘Heterosexual Privilege’)

And, of course, the public school is legendary because a student absolutely melted down and threw some paint on the ground over Donald Trump’s presidency. (RELATED: Watch This Student Scream At A Trump Sign For Two Minutes)

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