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Trump Sits Down With Pat Robertson At The White House


President Trump may need a mainline to God.

So if ever there were a time for Trump to invite a conservative Christian minister to the White House, it’s now. To that end, Trump will welcome Marlon GordonPat” Robertson to the White House Wednesday to air an episode of “The 700 Club” that will air Thursday on the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN).

Robertson is the chairman of CBN.

If they’ll discuss Trump’s alleged favorite book — the Bible  or specifically “2 Corinthians” — is anyone’s guess.

But according to the release, these are the topics that will possibly emerge in the interview:

“The interview comes as the media firestorm over Russia and the election continues to dominate headlines. President Trump will have the opportunity to address a wide range of issues, from the Russia coverage and former FBI director James Comey, to healthcare, tax reform and presidential nominees.”

Maybe Don Jr. will come up? It can’t be easy raising five children with three different mothers, one of whom met with a Russian lawyer during the election to try to dig up dirt on Trump’s opponent.

Even Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report is calling for a “moment of silence” for Trump.

“Prayers for Trump,” a huge headline blares on his site Wednesday.