Conor McGregor Dumps A Tidal Wave Of Trash Talk On Mayweather [VIDEO]

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Kent Strobl Sports Intern
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Conor McGregor made sure to bring his best trash talk for the promotional tour stop in Toronto Wednesday, mocking Floyd Mayweather for the way he dressed as well as his illiteracy.

While in Toronto for a four-day, four-stop promotional tour, McGregor unleashed on Mayweather with various forms of the f-word. Like everyone else watching the spectacle, Mayweather just sat back and enjoyed the show.


“What the f**k is he wearing,” said McGregor. “He looks like a breakdancer, some little 12 year old breakdancer. Dress your f**king age!”

What’s trash talk against Mayweather without mentioning his ineptitude to read?

“What are you doing with a school bag on stage,” McGregor added. “You can’t even read!”

Yes, he had one more f-word in him. “The man doesn’t even f**king read!” said McGregor.

When it was Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s turn, he made sure to reference his nickname, where he refers to it as his middle name.


“I do numbers, I make money,” Mayweather said. “You know my middle name.”

“If you believe in yourself, like you say you believe in yourself, bet your whole fight check,” Mayweather added.

McGregor’s response? How about another f-word: “No f**king problem.”

Similar jabs were made at each other when the two stars were in Los Angeles Tuesday. Mayweather brought up money, calling himself a “nine-figure fighter” compared to McGregor’s seven or eight. McGregor, meanwhile, predicted a fourth-round knockout where Mayweather countered with a guarantee that McGregor is going out on his face or his back.

The best part about all of this? We get to see these two continue mocking each other for two more days before their bout on August 26. Their next stop is Thursday in Brooklyn.

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