Rep. Jim Jordan Battles CNN On Medicaid ‘Cuts’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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During a CNN interview Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan fiercely defended his affirmative vote on House Republicans’ health care reform bill.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow asserted that, given the opioid crisis plaguing Jordan’s home state of Ohio, it doesn’t make sense that he voted to cut Medicaid.

“It is not a cut in Medicaid,” Jordan explained. “It’s a reduction in the rate of growth so it’s still going to grow a lot over the next ten years. Just not as fast as the Obamacare bill wanted it to grow.”

Harlow cut off Jordan and breathlessly accused him of playing “semantics… because there’s inflation.”

“Costs have to grow and budgeting has to grow with that,” she argued.

Jordan tried to get in his next point, starting, “The left always tries to –” before Harlow interrupted him once again.

“I’m not the left, I’m a journalist!’ she claimed. “I’m telling you what the non-partisan CBO says!”

The pair continued to talk over each other for the rest of the debate as Jordan tried to explain why he takes issue with the CBO scoring of the health bill.


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