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Watch These Animal-Rights Idiots Berate Some Guys For Fishing Legally

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Does yelling at people for eating meat and fish ever actually work? Does it ever convince anybody? I know that whenever I see something like the following, it just makes me hungrier for delicious, nutritious animal flesh. Mmm-mmm-murder!

Shannon Valladolid, WTSP:

A St. Petersburg father is speaking out after his video, that [sic] shows a group of animal rights activist confronting his family, went viral. The video was sent in by viewer Bob Hope.

Hope says his father caught a 4 lb. tilapia and laid it on the sidewalk while someone brought him a bucket.

The animals rights group called Direct Action Everywhere Pinellas was close to a child that was with the group approached Hope that he was concerned about the fish. The boy also told him that fish have feelings and to release it back in the water.

First of all, it’s great to see Bob Hope doing so well. Good on him. And it’s always instructive to see living proof of the cognitive effects of long-term animal-protein deprivation.

But wait, there’s more! Mike Leaming, the imbecile in the backwards baseball hat, posted his own video of the encounter. Apparently he thinks this actually makes him look good:

These guys handled this idiot exactly right. They kept their voices down for the most part and didn’t make it physical, which was obviously what this douchebag was trying to provoke. And despite what Leaming’s wife claims, they were not rude or hostile to that little kid.

Look like the Leamings were also part of that Chick-fil-A fiasco in St. Petersburg the other day. Direct Action Everywhere sure is busy these days.