Pope Francis Put A Sign On His Door That Says ‘No Whining’ [PHOTOS]

REUTERS/Tony Gentile - RTS18X0H

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Pope Francis has no mercy for people who complain, and has put a new sign on his apartment door at the Vatican that reads “no whining.”

The sign, which is red and white and in the Italian language, additionally says, “violators are subject to a syndrome of always feeling like a victim and the consequent reduction of your sense of humor and capacity to solve problems.”

“The penalty is doubled if the violation take place in the presence of children,” the sign continues. “To get the best out of yourself, concentrate on your potential and not on your limitations.”

“Stop complaining and take steps to improve your life,” it concludes.

According to Vatican Insider, the sign was gifted to Pope Francis by psychologist Salvo Noé, who writes motivational books. The Pope apparently appreciated the gift and promised to place it on the door outside of his apartment.

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