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Trump And Macron Shook Hands For A Really Long Time, And CNN Is On It

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Trump has that weird handshake he does sometimes. You know, the one where he grabs the guy’s hand and pumps it like a pinball plunger. Sometimes, if he’s feeling particularly #MAGA that day, he’ll throw in a couple of hand-pats. Whether it’s a power move or just Trump being the awkward weirdo he is, we all know that he does this. It’s been commented on at great length. It’s not new.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not news.

Ladies and gentlemen: the Cable News Network.

“So this seems to be another interaction where Macron, who seems to be the one who’s not letting go, is sending some kind of message… It was handsy!” What would we do without basic cable body-language experts, America?

Incidentally, CNN’s ratings are really bad. Weird, right? Who doesn’t want this beamed into their homes 24/7?

Glad to see Alisyn Camerota is doing okay, though. She had a harrowing experience with Twitter recently, but she seems to be powering though it. Stay strong, Alisyn.