Warren Warns Supporters To Take Kid Rock Run Seriously

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren warned supporters in a fundraising email to take Kid Rock’s possible run for Michigan senate seriously, recalling similar thoughts about Donald Trump.

“I know a lot of people are thinking: this is some sort of joke, right,”  Warren wrote in an email with “Senator Kid Rock (R-MI)” in the subject line, according to the Boston Herald(RELATED: Kid Rock For US Senate In 2018?)

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“Well,” she added. “Maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too. And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too.”

On Thursday, the 46-year-old singer — whose real name is Robert James Ritchie — blasted the media for how it covered his plans to run for the senate seat in Michigan and insisted it was “not a hoax.”

“Once again the press is wrong,” Rock wrote in a blog post. “First of all, I’ve got 15 days from my announcement to file paperwork with the FEC! Second, I’m not signed to Warner Bros–which simple fact-checking would have revealed.”

“No plans for an album or anything else that has been the usual norm in the music business OR politics…..and…..Senator [Debbie] Stabenow and I do share a love of music, although probably not the same kind,” he added. “I concede she is better at playing politics than I am so I’ll keep doing what I do best, which is being a voice for tax paying, hardworking AMERICANS and letting politicians like her know that We the People are sick and tired of their bullshit!”

On Wednesday, the singer drew attention when he posted on Twitter a website link to “KidRockForSenate.com” and confirmed that it was “real.”

Kid Rock’s name has been mentioned previously as a possible Republican Senate candidate to take on Democratic Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow next year.