Carter Page Is Looking For A Book Deal

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page is looking for a book deal.

The energy consultant, who is one of the more curious figures at the center of the investigations of potential Trump campaign collusion with the Russian government, announced his plan to hold an auction for a book he hopes to have published by next summer.

In a 46-page prospectus sent to The Daily Caller and other news outlets late Sunday, Page says he will describe his “personal role as a major primary target at the very center of this drama instigated by the Clinton campaign and their allies in the Obama Administration.”

Page was a subject of much speculation in the media after Donald Trump identified him as a member of his campaign foreign policy team last March.

Little was known about Page, other than that he once worked as an investment banker in Moscow and had in recent years been critical of U.S. policy toward Russia.

Page’s visit to Moscow in early July — which was later found out to have been approved by the Trump campaign — added to speculation that he was the campaign’s liaison to seedy Russians.

It has since been revealed that Page was the subject of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant obtained by the FBI in September. The warrant was granted based in part on a dossier of research compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. That dossier, which was published in January, alleged that Page was dispatched by the Trump campaign to coordinate election interference.

But Page has vehemently denied the claims in the Steele document, which he is fond of calling the “dodgy dossier.”

The dossier “did not include one single truthful word about me other than the spelling of my name,” Page writes in his prospectus, which is full of citations, an indication of the 46-year-old consultant’s obsession with news coverage about him.

Page dangles a few new pieces of information in the prospectus.

He reveals that he planned to leave the U.S. if Hillary Clinton prevailed over Trump in November.

“In the event that President Trump did not emerge victorious on Election Day, I was ready to leave the country given the clear evidence of crimes by the Clinton-Obama-Comey regime against me and other members of the Trump movement,” he writes.

Europe would have been the destination, Page told TheDC.

“I spent much of my time in London until last year, when I started spending more time back in the U.S. as I was doing my volunteer work for the campaign,” Page said.

Page’s prospectus also reveals a few details about his interactions with FBI investigators.

He says that he gave 10 hours of interview with FBI agents beginning in March after being approached by two agents outside of Lincoln Center in New York City.

“At first, I was exceptionally grateful for the belated appearance of the FBI investigators. After the continued assault on my reputation by dishonest politicians which was based on nothing more than complete lies, the chance to clear the air with some professionals seemed to mark an exciting moment,” he writes.

“Despite having strong clues that something was not on the up and up, little did I then know that their colleagues had indeed already been wiretapping me for many months. Luckily, there was nothing to hide.”

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