Federer Rages Until 5 A.M. After Wimbledon Victory

(REUTERS/Daniel Leal-Olivas)

George Congdon Contributor
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Roger Federer just won a record eighth Wimbledon title, and celebrated exactly like he should have.

Normally one of the classiest athletes in professional sports, Federer earned a night to let loose.

“My head is ringing. I don’t know what I did last night. I drank too many different types of drinks I guess. But after the ball we went to a bar and there was about 30 or 40 friends there,” Federer admitted in a recent press conference.


Later, the Swiss legend stated, “We had a great time. I got to bed at 5 and I woke up and I didn’t feel good. The last hour I have finally felt somewhat OK again. But we had a good time.”

Sounds like it was quite the night. If I had just won my second Grand Slam in as many tries, I would be pretty psyched to rage too.

Roger might have one of the sweetest game styles in all of tennis, but not even the best player of all time can avoid an awful hangover. Well deserved Roger, hope there are more all night bangers in your future.