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#NotAllMuslims Riot, Assault Women At German Town Festival

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This blog post is racist, because noticing when the same thing keeps happening over and over and over again is racist. It makes you an alt-right Nazi and so forth. Sexual assault is a very serious matter… right up until the moment it starts causing cognitive dissonance.


German police said Monday several assaults and cases of sexual harassment were reported in alcohol-fuelled weekend disturbances [in Schorndorf] that saw youths rampage through a small town and hurl bottles at police.

No arrests had been made over the alleged harassment, but police were treating as a suspect a 20-year-old Iraqi man and, in a separate case in which a 17-year-old girl was groped, three Afghan asylum seekers aged 18-20…

[Police chief Roland] Eisele said “the aggression and escalation of violence” were unprecedented and unexpected in the town of about 40,000 people, located near Stuttgart…

Unprecedented. Unexpected. How could something like this happen? It hasn’t happened in this town before. What’s different? What’s changed?

“Welcome to Germany!”

This doesn’t matter, though, because #NotAllMuslims did it. Besides, Christians and white folks do bad stuff all the time and nobody ever says anything about it. How come you didn’t complain when [fill in demographic group] did [fill in crime]? Tu quoque?

Friede sei mit ihm!