Trump Announces His Favorite Word [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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President Donald Trump just informed the world that his favorite word is “reciprocity,” specifically in the context of free trade.

Trump made the reveal during a speech he gave to launch “Made in America” week, a celebration to put the spotlight on products made in America and to encourage other U.S.-based companies to make their products at home.

During his speech, Trump defended protectionist trade policies by explaining how other countries levy high taxes on American-made goods while the United States allows products from other countries to be imported without burdensome tariffs.

“Theodore Roosevelt declared in his first message to Congress — reciprocity,” Trump remarked. “My favorite word.”

“Because we have countries that charge us 100 percent tax on a product and when they sell that product to us we brilliantly charge them nothing,” he continued. “And people say, ‘oh, well that’s free trade.’ No, that’s stupid trade.'”

“That’s really stupid trade,” he said to applause.


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