17-Year-Old Girl Uses Gun To Scare Away Home Intruder

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A 17-year-old girl in Spokane, Washington used a firearm to scare off a man who broke into her home Monday morning.

Around 5:00 AM on Monday, Spokane County deputies spotted a stolen car and pursued the suspect, but the suspect was able to evade authorities on foot, reports KHQ.

17-year-old Kimber Woods’ boyfriend and parents heard about the crime on television and warned Woods that there was a car thief on the loose.

Woods called her father, who had since left the house to go to work, and asked if she could borrow one of his firearms for protection. After he said yes, she grabbed one of his guns and put it under her pillow before going back to sleep.

A short time later, Woods woke up to the sound of someone breaking into her home.

She pulled the gun from under the pillow and hid before the man entered her room.

Woods says she pulled the gun on the man and yelled, “Who are you?” and “Get the [expletive] out of my house!”

According to Woods, the man appeared scared and ran out of the house as she fired one shot into the ground. The man stole her boyfriend’s ATV from the house on his way out.

Deputies said Woods positively identified the home intruder as the same man who stole the car earlier that morning. Deputies are apparently still searching for the suspect.

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