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CNN’s Chris Cillizza Did An AMA And It Went Hilariously, Tragically, Horribly Wrong

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN’s Chris Cillizza hadn’t even started his “Ask Me Anything” interview on Reddit Tuesday when it began to go tragically wrong.

He was supposed to start taking questions at noon, but questioners already wondered why the hell he was even doing this — and worse.

Cillizza, who makes it a practice to post pictures of his colleagues’ feet and make weirdo feet references any chance he gets, could be described as the Nickelback of TV reporters. Other ways to think of him include the Gwyneth Paltrow of Washington media or the Ann Hathaway of the Washington press bubble. Even New York Mag’s Olivia Nuzzi fairly recently call him “so fucking dumb.” Deadspin also can’t stand him. Both lefties and righties think the folksy CNNer with the blue glasses is a tool.

A repeated refrain: “He was a lot more respected when he was at The Washington Post.”

Let’s have a look inside his Reddit AMA:

EastsideLBC: Why do you treat politics like a game show? How much do you earn? Do you think you really deserve it?

LeakyMcLeakFace: Are you willing to show the feet?

PissmansMustard: What that mouth do?

CrunchyKorm: Hey Chris, how many times per day do you look in the mirror and wonder how the hell you get paid so much?

BillyHumphreys: Why are you such a dipshit? Post the feet sweetie.

TripleGYouSee: Hey Chris long time reader. Do you have any actual principles or are you fine with any policy as long as the discourse is respectable enough for your liking?

Metallics: Why did CNN hire a joke such as yourself?

ACSimeon: What’s the biggest crap sandwich you have ever eaten?

DrPhineasPhage: How do you balance being employed for your opinions despite being demonstrably wrong about everything all the time?

Finally DrBluetengott had to ask, “Was it a mistake to do this AMA?”

If Cillizza is trying to improve his reputation — which is in the toilet since moving over from The Washington Post — this clearly isn’t helping.

IRodC asks, “What’s with your unhealthy obsession with Ivanka Trump?”

FlightoftheGoblins is worried about Cillizza’s marriage. The person writes, “Does Mrs. Fix have any problems at all with you posting constant feet pics of your coworkers?”

And more pointedly, EditorsBlock asks, “How much does CNN pay you?”

Soon someone throws him a bone asking an easy, long ass question about why the White House is insisting that the cameras be turned off in the briefings?

Sealless asks, “Remove yourself from the running – who is the worst piece of garbage that CNN has put on the payroll?”

There were a few positive comments in a vast sea of awfulness:

Killthedogslowly writes, “Chris! Greetings! I’m obsessed with The Fix (my wife calls me a “Fix Fan”) and I think your writing is just so in depth and hilarious. Simply put, bravo! (I wish I could insert a gif here). My question is: boy wut that mouth do. Show me them feet.”

And EveryoneGetInHurr said “it is an honor to speak with” him.

The most ridiculous remark of the day goes to BonesIIX, who writes, “First off, let me say thank you for the [sic] what I assume is an insanely high pressure role.”

BREAKING: Cillizza actually began answering questions, even some of the negative inquiries:

How much does he make? Is it really 8 figures?

“Um YES,” he says, explaining that this rumor is a joke. “Holy cow. 8 figures is, at least $10 million. I mean, come on people.”

But even that didn’t go over so well.

Aexia writes, “Perfect encapsulation of why you’re a shitty journalist: 1. You chose to respond to this first. 2. You didn’t actually answer the question.”

So much shit. So little time.

“Glad to see you’re answering the hard-hitting questions here, you spineless shit.”

“Do you jerk off to womens’ feet?”

Some fun facts about Cillizza?

He was an intern for conservative columnist George Will in college. His parents are retired — his dad was a teacher, his mom worked in HR at an insurance company. He went to Georgetown and originally wanted to be a novelist. Still does.

To Cillizza’s credit, he answered a question about his “inane” coverage of the handshake between President Trump and French Prez Emanuel Macron:

“This would be a problem if I was the only reporter at CNN — or the only political news reporter. Lucky for all of us, I’m not! There are hundreds — thousands? — of us. That means you can pick and choose what you read and what you don’t — and get the news even without (gasp!) reading me.”

“I think to dismiss the Macron-Trump handshake as “completely inane” misses an important element to politics: Theater. There is NO question that Trump views handshakes as a power move — a chance to assert dominance. And, there is also NO question that world leaders — Macron, Trudeau etc — are now briefed and ready for the Trump handshake. So, to say it is meaningless misses the mark.”

Hopefully Cillizza survives the afternoon without shedding tears.