Joe Scarborough: Health Care Failure Is ‘Humiliating’ For Trump [VIDEO]

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Joe Scarborough blasted President Donald Trump during MSNBC’s Tuesday broadcast of “Morning Joe” by calling the recent, Senate health care debacle “humiliating for” the president.

Scarborough said that the greatest risk to the Republican Majority may be Trump’s inability to get things done, despite his reassuring promises.

“Donald Trump’s chief promise, above everything else, was ‘I can make Washington work.’” Scarborough said. “‘It’s broken, but don’t worry, I’m a dealmaker. This is easy. We’re going to do so much and were going to win so much that you’re going to get tired of winning.’”

The former Florida Rep. noted that he believes that Trump now realizes that it’s much easier to put his name on buildings and on online university courses than to run Washington D.C. and pass significant legislation.

“This was quite the failure after he continued to promise that he was going to get it done,” Scarborough said.