Journalists Aren’t Pleased That I Appreciate Freedom And Russian Supermodels

Vita Sidorkina (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Twitter exploded with outrage from around the journalism world Tuesday afternoon in response to a recent article I wrote about hot Russian models.

I composed an article Monday about Russian and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Vita Sidorkina. In the piece, I argued that stopping the flow of Russian models into America might not be worth the price of hostilities, or at the very least, the United States should figure out a way to evacuate these women before any great war begins.

It all started thanks to this incredible Sports Illustrated video.

I thought I had made some very reasonable suggestions. I didn’t excuse any of Putin’s actions or the actions of those in his government. All I was saying is that perhaps we shouldn’t blame attractive women for what their government does.

I didn’t realize this was such a crazy suggestion.

However, people in the media world sounded off. It quickly became clear they don’t love freedom or supermodels as much as myself and my coworkers do.

And my very own favorite:

First, let me say that I have a history with Russian women that goes back several years. Specifically since my sophomore year in college. That’s not really relevant, but I just want to throw my credentials out there in case anybody was curious or thought I didn’t know anything about the subject. Props to me for having the courage to acknowledge this.

Now it’s time to get to the important stuff. Has our country and political system become so fractured that we can’t even agree that we should protect women from around the world, regardless of their country of origin? Ironic that liberals paint themselves as feminists and the guardians of women, but apparently Russian supermodels can go straight to hell.

Color me humble and selfless, but I don’t think the passport a model holds should determine her future. It’s also pretty hypocritical that some people have no problem throwing open the gates of our country to people from countries that support terrorism — but the moment I call for attractive women to enter our country, we all of a sudden we have an immigration crisis. Weird how that standard works out.

I thought America was the land of opportunity. I thought that’s what our entire country represented. We take in the best of the best, such as Sidorkina and her hot friends. We didn’t kick out the British empire so liberal journalists could go on Twitter and complain about models.

It’s a sad day to be an American when we no longer protect our models. These journalists should be ashamed of themselves. As for myself, I’ll just keep carrying the banner of freedom and honesty.

Here is my message for everybody who thinks that it’s acceptable to discriminate and close down our borders to Sports Illustrated models.

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